A THIRD SALE!!! Save the Date!

Location:  43489 Fillmore County Hwy 34,

Mabel , Minnesota  55954

Our sale is located approximately 1.5 mile west of the town of Mabel. This is the amazing, TRULY AMAZING estate of Kenneth and Elizabeth Herzog. Long time residents of Mabel and the owners of the pharmacy in Mabel for over 50 years. They both collected and there are multiple generations. You just won’t believe this sale presentation.

Saturday, November 10,  9:00 am -3:00pm

Sunday,  November 11, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

            Reductions and Half-Price!

We have re-priced and lowered the prices on the remaining items from the previous sales...... AND we have added in AGAIN an entire  household and garage of new items and categories of things for sale. 
Vintage Christmas  decorations including a great 6 Ft. aluminum tree, complete
Many, a collection of beautifully carved soap stone sculptures and figures
Several early bisque dolls, 
NEW apothecary bottles, advertising, little items bagged and ready to go have all been added , including a wonderful Germany balance scale in its own box. 
Match books  by the bag full
Brass decorating items, some fun and funky
Linen including doillies and wonderful piano scarves, women's scarf accessories
New-never out of the box pots and pans
MORE and totally new costume jewelry. We have re-filled the display cases , more mesh purses, perfume bottles, and beads, beads, beads. 
Hummels including early, unique , unusual pieces including Virgin Mary's and Church/chapel with the original box. Some routine   Hummels, but most of these are special and will complete someones collection. 
BIRDS- a complete room will be filled with birds. We have Armani, Goebel, Lefton  and these are just fun, fun, fun to see the colors and the details. 
We will start the sale with books by the bag full. 
We will have new clothing and accessories, but the remaining clothing from previous sales we will be selling right away by the bag full. 
More dishes including great green Depression kitchen items, covered butter dishes, salt and pepper shakers, beater jars, Jade reamers, Jade pieces, and more Watt Ware, more Czech pieces- just exceptional, and more painted plates, large serving trays and bowls, and silver plate tea services, complete sets of china dinner services, Haviland, Lenox, and more. 
Furniture including Victorian loveseat, Victorian carved gentlemans' and Ladies' chairs, Wonderful Lamp tables with crystal ball and claw feet, Handel lamp with Steuben shades, 
and more.
So there are lots of new things to add into this exceptional sale. We have five more rooms open and now displayed throughout the house to re-fill everything.  Looking forward to seeing you as we complete this amazing household. 

So watch the web site  for a complete sale listing.

But please know that we will have a third complete 

FULL sale weekend that will be beyond

your imagination for shopping,

for fun, for just everything you can imagine seeing.

There just aren’t many sales like this that come around,

after 30 plus years in the estate sale business

we will be counting this one as one of those

special sales that we truly are proud to present for sale. 

Just come and shop!


Categories will include:

Musical Instruments; Many musical instruments enough for a band, SERIOUSLY, Banjos, guitars, Violins, zithers, Clarinet, trumpet, some I had no clue as to what they were, but they toot and play and I learned more about interesting instruments……. These will be at the third sale.

Antique furniture- think everything and anything, Brass beds, wood carved detail beds, child’s crib, iron fancy bed;  cabinets and cupboards, chairs, mirrors, bedrooms, tables, dining tables; marble tops, Primitive, Victorian, East Lake, early Americana ,Inlaid tables, Gateleg tables, drop leaf tables, small side tables, fainting sofa, sofas, upholstered chairs; foot stools, commodes, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Burls, Ebony;  I even have some Mid-Century Modern pieces – the house is an architectural designed home built right in the middle of the movement.  SO I have a modern house filled with antique furniture and it works.  Included in the furniture are LAMPS! These are so very special, take the time to really look at the pictures. We have dressing table lamps, floor lamps with stained glass and slag glass shades, Steuben shades, Favrile shades, figural bases, French and sculpted bases, Bronze bases, Bradley Hubbard. Gone-with-the-Wind table lamps, brass lantern lights, Kerosene lamps, I even have a Model T Ford oil lamp in mint condition.  Furniture will be at the third sale. So many rooms to open up yet

Dishes- More cut glass, Czech glass, pottery, lanterns, painted plates, china services, Haviland, stemware, pressed glass; and just so much more. More Watt Ware and more local advertising;

Jewelry – Estate and Costume including gold and diamond including appraisals, tables FULL! We will be dividing the jewelry and have jewelry at all three  sale dates. Too much to properly display at only one sale. We have spent days working on the jewelry and it truly is overwhelming, but also truly quality and wonderful, you will have FUN.  Really FUN.

Artwork and pottery, Religious

Vintage Clothing and accessories, hats, umbrellas, Dresses

Linen and quilts – We have quilts, vintage and early in mint condition, quilt tops just waiting to be put together; pieced, appliqued; crocheted and knit afghans; pillows – feather and down; table cloths and table linen; we have enough doilies for everyone in the town of Mabel, but these are wonderful;

Advertising, Books and Paper Goods- We have books, Books and BOOKS. Many children’s books, young adult novels, both boys and girls; Art books, history, travel; Religious books and paper goods; lots of paper advertising including cards, blotters; Lots of area and New Ulm advertising pieces


Kitchen- Pots, pans; Enamel and graniteware; BOWLS- REAMER collection, we have every color, size, small, large, advertising; Jade dishes;  refrigerator jars; everyday dishes and glassware; 40s and 50s kitchen ware


Fun and Funky, Miscellaneous – We have baskets;  old suitcases and steamer trunks; knick-knacks; very early Hummel and Goebel pieces , Hummel Church, Madonna, with original boxes, but these are all very early. The Goebel pieces include Birds- hundreds of birds literally; Matchbooks including Beer, oil and gas, cigarette and cigar smoking paraphernalia – lighters, cases; Pin Back buttons including early political, union, Mabel Steam Engine days, Octoberfest; CHRISTMAS including garlands, ornaments, feather trees, 6 ft, mint aluminum tree in box, lights, Paper Mache pressed Christmas and New year calendars and advertising;  Carnival plaster prizes;  

We will have a full photo gallery available

on the web site for your viewing. 

Cash, Approved Check, credit card financing available.