I wanted to share what has been done with the Corian counter top that I bought at an estate sale of yours in Rochester Minnesota. It is finally finished so I'm sending you photos. I love it 

Donna Hammer also shared this photo of the water sprinkler purchased to water her Hosta garden.  Lovely!

An Amish couple bought the school bell and lots of other items at the Stoddard, WI.    We were fascinated as we watch them pack their purchases in the buggy for the trip home.  Thank you Donna Hammer for sharing your photos.

Over the years this customer has added to her extensive collection of Snoopy & Peanuts related items at Lee Ann Estate Sales.

Lee Ann Estate Sales

Photos from Stoddard, WI sale​

​July 9 & 10 2016

Send us your photos showing your treasured purchases from the sales.  Show us where you placed a piece of furniture or how you used a box of assorted "stuff" to create something new and exciting. 

​You can e-mail your photos to leeann.estatesales@gmail.com to be posted. 

Tell us a little about the item you purchased or how you used an item to create or mend something else.