Location: 758 W. King Street, Winona MN 55987

Saturday, September 26, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday, September 27, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm   

Reductions and Half-Price!

Monday, September 28, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
       Final reductions and 75 % off

This sale is AMAZING!

Generations of collecting and they have been

LEE-ANN customers for over 30 years too.

 We have been discovering treasures for weeks.

We are Excited to be back.

​COVID Rules

Masks are required attire!

This is not a political statement,

but a health and safety

issue for EVERYONE!

Especially our customers and our workers.


We will limit the number of customers in the house for

their shopping experience and for social distancing.

  Yes, you may have to wait a while

to get in to shop,


This is a terrific sale and

FULL to overflowing.

So put the effort in,

I know you will be pleased.
Hand sanitizing

stations will be available for your use.


will be outside under the tent for air flow, spacing- no one will have to be lined up in the house. We will have staging tables for your items, wrapping, and payment.


We have missed you.

And for this to work,

we need everyone to follow the rules and

then you can come to all the other sales

we have scheduled for this fall.


Just discovered!

Swizzle stick collection including:  

vintage, glass, some still in original boxes,

Schmirnoff swizzle sticks and swizzle stick holders.


Betty Page comic book art work.


comic book collectors!!

Rare 1939Speed Comics

Shock Gibson volunteer button. 

In 1939 a kid could send in a dime and

receive a lifetime membership card

for Speed Comics and this pin. 

Excellent condition.  

More great stuff found:

More military pins and uniforms;

Ladies clothing including:

furs - lamb jacket like new,

mink coat, vintage hats and more.

Men's clothing including:

packer sport jacket.

Star Trek lunch box with thermos and

it is in mint condition;

NEW still in the box from

the 60's and 70's a Tonka truck.

Additional finds:

Stamps, stamps, stamps,,,,,,,,,,,

New albums, filled albums,

lots of loose stamps,

but professionally sold.

countries and international

and USPS postage stamps, new = "Forever" stamps.

commemorative covers including WWII 1940's.

​military pins, buttons, brass

Bisque Cupie Dolls

Nazi WWII medals and pins

Sale items include:  

Dining room table and chairs;

small side tables;

lamps including: floor and table lamps;


Kitchen table;


book cases and display cases for all those CDs and videos;


pair of porch gliders;


We have pocket knives,

playing cards- advertising, naughty, bridge.

Pins including:

Octoberfest, Steamboat days-early and even a complete set,

Winter carnivals Winona and St. Paul,

Political as far back as Teddy Roosevelt,

local and advertising,

union and local member pins early,

complete framed set of Super Bowl pins;

horse collection including:

original sculpture, bronze, plastic;.

Lantern collection including:

  miniature, Alladin, chimneys;  

 Lesney Match Box cars,

mint in box, additional toy cars;

Mint Coca-Cola paper circus sets;


Comic books,

there is an entire room filled-

we have spent lots of time and effort to sort these.

All the comics are in good to excellent condition,

we are selling them by the box full and then individually.

They are priced to sell,

but this is an opportunity you can’t pass up.

Lots of pictures on the web site.

We also have a huge collection of Manga,

books and magazines.

Collectible trading cards including:

Star Trek,

football, baseball. Topps;

Star Trek figurines and lunch box;

Star Wars figurines;

Nodder collection including:

Kirby Puckett, Paul Molitor;

Coin bank collection really nice, original;

Coins and tokens, paper bills, foreign;

Stamp collections and multiple albums;

Vintage magazines and early Playboys;

 Costume jewelry including:

bags filled, pins, Christmas, Rings,

sterling, cuff links,  funky pins and  Bakelite;

  Complete kitchen including:

small appliances, utensils,

Watts mixing bowls including the huge bread bowl;

Linen including

bedding, pillows,

fancy and embroidered;

Sewing  accessories and quilting,

sewing baskets;


office and back to school supplies;

Dishes including:


Northwood carnival glass collection,

pressed and cut glass,

painted plates,

Red Wing dishes. Rumrill, 

Occupied Japan,

Nippon, Noritake,

Jewel Tea;


books and other paper items;



Pictures and artwork, prints;

complete child’s pool table;

men’s and ladies clothing vintage and many new still with tags;

Lots of CDs, DVDs, videos including

early Dr. Who;

Records, albums and lots of 45’s;

Liquor  decanters and beer advertising;

shot glass collection

enough so that everyone

who comes to the sale has to buy one

just to get out the door;

Coin operated gum ball machine;  

Merit  cigarette store display- nice! 

crocks and jugs;

yard tools,

lawn furniture;

wood/coal burning stove;

nuts, bolts, screws;

push lawn mower;   


1993 Ford Focus wagon,

low mileage,

rust, but perfect for local driving,

great gas mileage and

a great second vehicle;

Old TV and Radio vacuum tubes many new in box;

vintage electronic  components including:

new Blue Ray, VCRs,

computer equipment;

Record players and phonograph components,


And  so much, so much more.

Please take the time to go to the web site

for an entire photo gallery from the sale.

Fun and something for everyone and then some more………

Everything is already priced.

You just come and shop!

We will honor an early sign-up sheet,

but you must remain on the premises.

We will begin handing out our numbers

no later than 8:00 am on Saturday morning.



Don’t forget to bring help with you for loading your items.

If you have need for an estate sale or

if you would like a free,

no obligation sale consultation

please call 507-452-8782.

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please see: .


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