So watch the web site as we

begin to announce the sale.

But please know that we will have

two complete FULL sale weekends

that will be beyond your

imagination for shopping,

for fun, for just everything

you can imagine seeing.

There just aren’t many sales like this

that come around, after 30 plus years

we will be counting this one as one of

those special sales that we

truly are proud to present for sale.

  It is going to take us two months

to properly prep for the sale

and to discover all of the treasures.

Categories will include:

Grand piano, many musical instruments

Apothecary and pharmaceutical items – stacks of bottles, flasks, mortars and Pestles,

Antique furniture- think everything and anything, Brass beds,

cabinets and cupboards,

chairs, lamps,

mirrors, bedrooms,

tables, dining tables;

marble tops, Primitive,

Victorian, East Lake,

early Americana;

Dishes- where to begin,

the cupboards are full to overflowing,

Watt Ware-







painted plates. 

50s, and 60s glassware as well.

Jewelry – Estate and Costume including:

gold and diamond including:


tables FULL

< we will be dividing the jewelry and

have this at both sale dates.

Too much to properly

display at only one sale.

Coin Collection-

Coins will be only at

the first October 6,7 weekend sales.

Artwork and pottery

Vintage Clothing and accessories,

hats, umbrellas, stuff

Lighting and fixtures, electrical and gas.


Linen and quilts

Advertising, Books and Paper Goods

That will get you started.

We really want you to know about

these sales so everyone can make the

proper arrangements for those weekends.

If we placed an ad in the local paper,

we could fill an entire page with

just the special items and listing.

So, the ads will be categories in the papers,

but watch the sale on the web page

for full listings and

we will have pictures and

as much information as we can for you.

What I really want to do is just

put out the sale dates,

the address, and say


“Trust me and Come! “

Mabel is a lovely 32 mile drive from Winona , straight south.

If you are coming on the Interstate,

get off at the Rushford exit

and just head south.

Enjoy the country side,

since the leaves should be in full color.

We will have a full photo gallery available

on the web site for your viewing. 


Approved Checks,

credit card financing available.

Again, this is just a fantastic sale presentation, please keep in mind that we have cleared our sale calendar for two months in order to organize, display and properly prepare the sale presentation for everyone to enjoy and SHOP!

You just have to attend!

Everything is already priced.

You just come and shop!

We will honor an early sign-up sheet,

but you must remain on the premises. We will begin handing out our numbers no later than 8:00 am on Saturday morning.


Don’t forget to bring help

with you for loading your items.

If you have need for an estate sale

or if you would like a free,

no obligation sale consultation please

call 507-452-8782.

For future sale information and

sale listings please see: www.Leeannestatesales.com .

LEE-ANN Estate Sales​

​Two Sales in Mabel MN Save the Dates

​Saturday, October 20, 9:00 ​am - 3:00 pm

Sunday, October 21, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Reduction and Half-Price!

​Saturday, October 6, 9:00 ​am - 3:00 pm

Sunday, October 7, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Reduction and Half-Price!

Second of two sales.

 Sales Calendar

First of two sales.

For your convenience we are organizing this sale by  categories since there will be 2 sale weekends.   Our intent is to make it more convenient for you to choose one  sale weekend or attend both sale weekends.  What ever your choice we will have wonderful and interesting items for you to shop and shop some more.